What if NASA started blowing up your phone?

An outline of how that could look…

Micah Tinklepaugh
1 min readFeb 25


Sketch by Author

Welcome back. If you recall, in my last article we explored a social media initiated chatbot experience where people can learn about awesome NASA engineers, computer programmers, and scientists.

Given I’m short on time this week, I’ll just start with one screen and discuss where that could go.

Design and sketch by Author (Me)

Here I’ve provided a low fidelity sketch of an Instagram story or reel that could come from NASA’s account. The story could tell the reader something really interesting and invite them to come chat with NASA to learn that and rocket science. Maybe even buy a rocket from Amazon or simulate a launch using a modeling software.

In the next article we’ll look at the next screen for signing up for the chat and getting a chat directly from NASA!





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