Building a stronger mind: Finish Line

My mind feels stronger!

Micah Tinklepaugh
2 min readAug 6, 2022


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Hi, all! My mind is now stronger. I wish I could say I did an fMRI before and after but all I have is self reporting for you!

Over the last 21 days — I listened to a training session every day from Wahoo Systm Mental training program.

In this write up — I’m covering my performance in mental toughness and highlighting next steps. I gave everything in these 21 days. There were days I didn’t want to do it.

Some days I didn’t know I was supposed to do the session before the workout or training. Some times I didn’t take as long as I could to articulate answers to all the questions Wahoo asks. Realistically, my goal wasn’t challenging enough. I wanted to train consistently while finishing workouts with friends. I also broke away from some of the instructions in some of the days. I made it work for me. And ultimately — I think the course should be redesigned into something easier to use.

Writing this series taught me I want to use the following format for future series:

Racing fact for people who want to smile

I am not my race results. I am not how much I weigh. And that is why I want to share fun facts in the beginning of each article. According to Let’, Canada has the most donuts stores per capita but produces less donuts than the US.

Science fact for people who like learning



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